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The images on this page are provided by the National Crime Prevention Council, www.ncpc.org and www.mcgruff.org

McGruff® Games
Stick Together
Stop the Bully

Stick Together

Bullying makes everyone feel alone...and that feeling makes bullies stronger. Playing this game will help you see how bullies operate and what you can say and do to stop them.

Stop the Bully

Have you ever thought of the perfect thing to say to a bully...several hours too late? In this game, take your time to choose how to act. You'll see you can help put a stop to bullying.












McGruff® Videos

Samantha's Choice

This five-minute video follows the story of a young girl who is afraid to go to ballet class, for fear of being bullied. This new animated short marks the third generation of children to receive advice from McGruff the Crime Dog. "Stop, Talk & Walk" is the essential advice that McGruff doles out to a young girl in the story.

















Advice From McGruff®

Bullies and Getting Along

  • Got a Bully? McGruff Can Help
  • Help Stop Bullies
  • Cyberbullies
  • Strangers
  • And More!

Community Safety

  • Hanging Out in the Neighborhood
  • Helping Out in the Community
  • Riding Right
  • Safe Shopping
  • And More!

Advice for All Seasons

  • Summer Safety
  • Winter Games
  • Holiday Fun
  • A Ghoulishly Good Halloween
  • And More!

Guns, Drugs and Other

  • Good Friends vs. Gangs
  • And More!

School Safety

  • Be Safe At School
  • And More!

Online Safety

  • Stay Safe Online
  • And More!