McGruff Safe Kids Total Identification System

We are the leading, most comprehensive Child Identification and Safety Education Program in the United States.
This is a licensed service of the National Crime Prevention Council,

The statistics are frightening to say the least!

According to the Department of Justice, every 40 seconds another child is reported missing or abducted. That translates to over 2,000 children per day, and 800,000 per year!

When a child becomes lost or missing, every passing second counts. Law enforcement officials need as much information as possible to track down a missing child. Having this information readily available is the single, most useful tool available to help law enforcement locate a missing child.

McGruff Safe Kids TID Child Identification Safety Packages

The McGruff Safe Kids Child ID Cards provide all of this information, as well as forensic quality fingerprints of all ten fingers.

When updated annually, parents will always have peace of mind knowing that they can easily provide this most important information to authorities.